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Which of these describes you best?

We help people from around the world to get abroad in the ways that work best for them. While our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, most can identify with at least one of the following profiles. Which of them describe you best?

Are you retired or planning to retire soon? You’re probably thinking about where you can move to enjoy nice weather and a lower cost of living. We’ll research the perfect place for you and help you move there!

Are you looking for a great job in a foreign country? Do you want to start the next chapter of your career overseas? We’ll support you in searching for an exciting new job at a company in your ideal country.

Are you a remote worker or freelancer wanting to take your work on the road? Wondering how you can use your skills to work and travel? We’ll support you in getting the location freedom you’re searching for!

Want to move to a sunny, inexpensive, and welcoming country where you can get EU dual citizenship in 5 years? Portugal is waiting for you!

Ready to say goodbye to the US and start living in an incredible European country? Want to experience life in Europe? We’ll help you plan and make your escape to Europe!

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Irina Malykhina

USA to Portugal

David was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and very organized. He answered all my questions and gave valuable insights when I shared my plans and timelines for moving abroad. David went above and beyond to make sure that I got all the information I needed for initial planning for my move. Highly recommend their services!!

Chad Lewis

USA to Europe

I’ve been consistently impressed with the Expat Empire’s team follow-through and deliverables. David in particular is responsive, insightful, and always prepared for each session, making it clear that he’s customized the materials specifically for me and my wife.

Christina Cassady

USA to Denmark

Working with David and his team has made all the difference. David is well-organized, very responsive, and very knowledgeable. I have accessed David’s services on multiple occasions throughout my planning and preparations for relocation. I would highly recommend working with David and his team.

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