Americans Moving to Europe and Moving to Portugal eBooks Now Available

As promised in our last announcement, we have just published two eBooks for you to read right now!

First, with our new focus on Americans moving to Europe, we wanted to write an eBook that specifically addresses the unique issues that US citizens are most likely to have to deal with as they consider making their move. In this eBook, we share our top 3 tips for Americans who are considering leaving the US to live in Europe in an effort to help them take their next steps abroad. You can buy the book by clicking on the link below:

3 Tips for Americans Moving to Europe: What you should think about before leaving the United States to live in Europe

3 Tips for Americans Moving to Europe Free Ebook Expat Empire

Next, we also know that Portugal is one of the top destinations in the world right now for people from all over the globe who want to live abroad. With our founder David McNeill currently living in Porto, an extensive network of partners across the country, and our experiences supporting people in relocating here, we wanted to share our top tips for moving to Portugal in a separate eBook. It’s written for everyone considering making Portugal their new home, and you can buy your copy by clicking on the link below:

3 Tips for Moving to Portugal: What you should think about before moving to Portugal

3 Tips for Moving to Portugal Free Ebook Expat Empire

We hope you will enjoy reading these books and can take away some helpful information that you can apply to your journey abroad.

Thanks as always for your continued support and stay tuned for more updates soon!

As the founder of Expat Empire, David McNeill is focused on inspiring people to move abroad and showing them how to do it. David started Expat Empire because he has a genuine passion for living abroad. He left the United States in 2014 and has since lived in Tokyo, Berlin, and Porto.