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We’ll help you figure out how you can travel the world indefinitely or live in a new country long-term

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Remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs want to take their work with them on the road to new and beautiful destinations, but there is a lot to figure out before they can make it happen! Whether you already have a remote business or are just starting to think about how you can become a digital nomad, there are many challenges you will have to overcome to develop the lifestyle you’re searching for.

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As a fully remote team distributed across the world, we’re all about living and working where and when you want to. We know how hard it is to get the income necessary to support yourself on the road, make concrete plans for getting from where you are to where you want to be, and get the courage to make the leap into the unknown.

To support you in your journey abroad, we have developed several consulting services to help freelancers and remote workers take their lives and careers overseas. Let us show you how we can support you on your international journey!

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How We Can Help You Become a Digital Nomad

Whether you’re already a freelancer, remote worker, entrepreneur, or just starting to think about becoming one, our services will help you start living the international lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about!

Get a remote job

Having trouble landing offers for remote jobs? We will review your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to ensure they are fully optimized for your search through our International Job Service services!

Alternatively, if you want to start freelancing or building your own business, try out our Remote Work Tool to see all the freelance platforms you can use to find your first clients.

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Timeline Planning Service

Planning your escape

Now all you’ve got your income figured out, it’s time to start planning how you’ll make your exit from your home country and set off for new adventures around the world! We’ve compiled the most important things for you to do before and after your journey in our Timeline Planning worksheet so you can cross to-dos off the list as you complete them. You can get even more information to help you prepare for your move in our other worksheetscourses, and books!

Personalized guidance

To get more direct support throughout your journey to becoming location-independent, you can work with our founder David through 1-on-1 coaching sessions to define your motivations, identify the hurdles you have to overcome, and help you to navigate the challenging steps in front of you to achieve your goals.

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