Consulting Service Pricing Overview

1-on-1 Coaching

Work with Expat Empire Founder & Managing Director David McNeill to quickly and confidently make progress on your international goals

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Destination Comparison

Side-by-side comparison of the countries or cities that would best fit your interests and requirements in a single spreadsheet

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Timeline Planning

Comprehensive checklist covering all of the most important steps for you to take in your transition to life abroad in a single spreadsheet


International Job Search

All the support you need to polish your application, stand out from the crowd and find amazing job opportunities in your target country


Remote Work Roadmap

Get your personalized roadmap to finding remote work opportunities that fit your unique skills, experiences, and passions


Connect with Our Partners

Get introduced to the right partners in our global network who will help you apply for a visa, find a house, and much more

Porto Expat Tour

Discover the top neighborhoods for expats in Porto and get answers to all of your questions about living in Portugal

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Get 10% OFF with Premium Service Packages

We’ve created several service packages based on our clients’ needs and are selling them at a BIG discount!

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