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There’s more information available online about countries and cities to move to than ever before! While it’s great that there are so many videos and blog posts about living abroad being released every day, a lot of the information they share is outdated and copied from other questionable sources around the Internet. This mountain of conflicting information often overwhelms aspiring expats and keeps them from being able to decide on their next destination.

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With extensive experience living and traveling around the world, we have had the opportunity to evaluate many countries and cities as potential places to live firsthand. We have also had to make tough choices between multiple great places to live in many times.

To save you from having to make that decision on your own, we will work with you to discover which countries and cities best fit your interests and requirements and compare them side-by-side in a spreadsheet using government statistics and expat survey data.

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How you'll benefit from our Destination Comparison service

Avoid bad choices

Avoid choosing the wrong city or country by starting with a comprehensive, data-driven look at your options. Doing it right from the beginning will help you to save on another expensive move when you ultimately decide to move back home or to another place

Get the full picture

Attractive photos on Instagram and fun videos on YouTube won’t give you a realistic view of what living in the place will actually be like. Get a thorough overview of each of your options to reduce the chances of surprise and disappointment after making your move

Avoid overwhelm

There’s too much information on the Internet about all of the places people could live, making them feel overwhelmed. Rather than spending hundreds of hours sifting through outdated blog posts and videos, we’ll compile all the information you actually need to evaluate in one place.

Topics Covered by our Destination Comparison Service

We’ll provide you with a spreadsheet comparing all the destinations side-by-side across these topics:


General information, overall scores, languages, economic performance, politics & progressiveness, climate change, lifestyle & quality of life, transportation & traffic, schools, finances & cost of living, taxes, work & entrepreneurship, immigration & citizenship, safety, pollution, and health & wellness


General information, overall scores, weather & climate, sustainability & environment, lifestyle & quality of life, utilities & infrastructure, transportation & traffic, walkability, finances & cost of living, work & entrepreneurship, schools, and health & safety

Don’t get stuck choosing where to go

Whether you want some country or city suggestions based on your situation or want help deciding between multiple options, we’ll help you pick the right spot to go next

See what our clients are saying

Anne K

USA to Europe

Overall a great summary of each country we asked about, including things that we had considered generally, but hadn’t looked into very deeply. This gave us a good confirmation of what we had already been looking at ourselves. It is really great to have it all in one place!


USA to Abroad

The rows included in the document added up to good general insight into the countries in question. The information seemed to be as well-vetted as possible. Info on tax was especially helpful. Really appreciated the personal touch!

Chad Lewis

USA to Europe

It was even more thorough than we expected, yet not overwhelming. The team customized our results and made it easy to compare. Thank you for offering it!

Frequently Asked Questions

I can find some of this information on Google, so why should I buy this service?

It’s all too easy to rely on your travel experiences, anecdotes from friends and family members, or pictures from social media when deciding where to move. Instead of relying on opinions, we use ranking surveys, government statistics, and research to ensure that the comparisons are as fair and objective as possible so that you can make an educated decision about such a major life change.

How do you research the information in the spreadsheet?

The information is primarily based on government statistics and data-driven rankings from a variety of sources from around the world. When providing destination suggestions, we incorporate our own experience living in and traveling around the world as well as discussions with people in our global expat network when appropriate.

Why should I trust you?

We have already helped many clients around the world to plan their journeys abroad with the Destination Comparison service. We also have a global partner network and years of experience to rely on when providing our recommendations.

How will you personalize the deliverable?

Because our services do not include any bespoke additions to the comprehensive templates we’ve already built, we personalize this service by providing recommendations for destinations to include in the deliverable if you want them. Before starting work, we’ll send you a questionnaire so you can tell us your must-have, nice-to-have, and deal-breaker requirements for your next destination.

Is there a limit to how many destinations you will research?

We offer a price-per-destination pricing plan, so it is your decision as to how many places we compare in the spreadsheet. We typically offer up to five destinations in this service but please let us know if you’d like to compare more.

What if I have no idea where I want to move to?

We’re happy to provide country and city recommendations based on what you are looking for in your next destination!

What's the difference between comparing countries and cities?

We have two completely different templates that we use for comparing countries and cities, so you will first need to decide whether you want to compare countries or cities. The country template only contains country-level metrics, while the city template only contains city-level metrics.


In general, if you aren’t sure which country to move to, then you should compare countries first. If you’ve decided which country to move to but are having trouble picking a city, then you should probably compare cities within the country.

Are there any restrictions on which countries or cities that I can choose?

You can choose whichever countries or cities to include in the deliverable that you want. However, while most countries are included in the data sources we use, often only the larger cities are included in the city data we use. Because some of our city-level data sources do not provide information on smaller cities and towns, it’s better to pick larger cities if you want to get the most out of a city comparison.

Will I get detailed immigration and tax information from this service?

Please know that we are not immigration lawyers nor tax accountants, so the information we are providing in this service on those topics is very high level and may not be applicable to your situation. We strongly recommend working with the partners in our network if you want more detailed information and support.

Will I be able to ask questions about the presentation?

Yes, we’ll have a call of up to 30 minutes with you once the presentation is complete to walk you through all of our findings and answer any remaining questions you have.

Do you offer package discounts?

Yes, the more destinations you include in your service deliverable, the less you pay per destination! Take a look at the product page for more information.

I have another question.

Just let us know and we’ll be happy to answer it for you!

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