Timeline Planning Service

Don’t miss any important to-dos before, during, or after your move with your personalized moving checklist!

Think you're ready to move abroad? Think again!

While you may believe all you have to do is throw your clothes into a suitcase and jump on a plane, the reality is that there are many more difficult decisions and challenges for you to overcome in your journey abroad. It can be overwhelming to try to stay on top of everything, not to mention figuring out where to start!

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As lifelong expats, we have been through the process of moving across the world many times already. We know the stress of making sure that we have done everything we need to do before leaving our homes, during the move, and then after arriving in a brand new country.

To take this burden off your shoulders, we will compile the most important steps for you to take in your transition to life abroad in a single worksheet so you can mark them off as you complete them.

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How you'll benefit from our Timeline Planning service

Get clarity

Have a single place to look to see everything that you need to do before and after the move so that you can stay on track

Avoid anxiety

Avoid getting that sinking feeling that you forgot to do something important before and after your move

Reduce frustrations

Avoid extra unnecessary fees, inconveniences, and frustrations that will make your move abroad more stressful than it needs to be

Plan for each stage of your move

Here are some examples of topics covered in each of the three stages of your move:

Before the move

Canceling contracts in your home country, setting up your financial situation to move abroad, mail forwarding to your new address, planning for where to live in your new destination, starting the visa application process, shipping your belongings, relocating pets, and more…

During the move

Booking taxi services from the airport to initial accommodations, getting around on public transportation, purchasing short-term prepaid phone plans, withdrawing money from ATMs, and more…

After the move

Finding long-term apartments, signing mobile phone and Internet contracts, signing up with utility companies, local registration, opening bank accounts, transferring and exchanging money, building a personal network, and more…

Your entire moving abroad to-do list in one place

Stop losing sleep worrying about forgetting to do something important before your move – our Timeline Planning service will keep you sane!

What you can expect in the timeline

Here’s an overview of the columns included the Timeline Planning spreadsheet:


All tasks will be set to “To do” by default. You can change them to “In progress,” “Done,” and “Not needed” as you work through all of the items in the sheet


Short description of what you need to do for the step in that row. Check the Notes column for more detail


The topic of your move that the task is related to. Examples include Immigration, Moving, Settling In, Pets, Schools, and Housing

Suggested Dates

The sheet includes three suggested dates for each task based on your moving date: 1) when you should start working on it, 2) when it’s recommended to be completed by, and 3) when it should definitely be finished by


All the detailed notes related to the task so that you know what you need to think through and do, based on our research and experience

Relevant Websites

While not every task has this column filled, many tasks include one or more links to websites related to them so that you can easily get more information

Your Notes

Write your own notes as you proceed through each step so you can remember what you’ve already done and what you need to do next

Stay as flexible as your moving plans

Whatever happens between now and your moving date, your timeline will adjust to keep you on track

See your progress at a glance

Conditional formatting in the spreadsheet will help you to easily see which tasks you haven’t started yet, which tasks are in progress, and which tasks have been completed

Update your moving date

If you update your estimated moving date, then all other dates in the spreadsheet will automatically adjust accordingly

Adjust the recommended dates

You can control the start by, recommended by, and finish by dates by changing the number of days used in those calculations

See only the data you want to

Use filters to only see the steps in a section that have a certain status or are in a specific category

Don’t get overwhelmed

Get on top of your to-do list with our Timeline Planning service!

See what our clients are saying


USA to Austria

I thought David did an excellent job of letting us know what and when we need to get certain tasks completed. He had several items on the spreadsheet that we did not originally think of.

Jay Tibbitts

USA to France

David was well-prepared with a comprehensive spreadsheet that also reflected some of the discussions we had had at the preceding meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Timeline Planning service for people from and moving to any country?

The Timeline Planning service is essential for everyone wanting to move abroad, no matter where they are from and where they want to go. We will provide two versions of the Timeline Planning worksheet to all clients – one version for Americans moving abroad and another version for all other countries’ citizens moving abroad.

There are free moving checklists available online, so why should I buy yours?

Free checklists tend to be extremely high-level and leave out many important steps. They are often delivered as PDFs and thus also aren’t interactive. Rather than relying on unhelpful static PDFs, use our comprehensive dynamic checklist to stay on track for your next move abroad. We also provide a special version of our Timeline Planning service for Americans moving abroad to provide specific insights on the necessary to-dos for clients leaving the United States. 

Why should I trust you?

We’ve already helped many clients around the world to plan their journeys abroad with the Timeline Planning service. We created this service because we know how anxious we were that we’d forgotten to do something when moving abroad, and so we want to help you avoid losing your time, money, and peace of mind as your moving date approaches.

What if my moving plans change after the service has been delivered?

You can directly edit cells in the worksheet such as your planned moving date and the number of days used to calculate the suggested completion dates in the sheet and everything will update throughout the workbook automatically.

Does the worksheet include a simplified view of the tasks?

Yes, the worksheet includes two tabs for your timeline – one with a simplified view and another with a detailed view. The detailed view includes all the information displayed in the simplified view as well as the in-depth Details and Relevant Websites columns. You can use each tab as much or as little as you like to prepare for your move!

Will you tailor the tasks to my situation and the place I want to move to?

No, this spreadsheet is not adjusted to the specific needs of our individual clients or to the specific tasks required by certain countries when moving there. It is general in nature and intended to be used by anyone moving anywhere.

With that said, there are two versions of the Timeline Planning that we provide to all clients – one version specifically for Americans moving abroad and another more general version for people moving from all other countries. We offer a specific version for Americans due to the substantial tax and legal obligations that American citizens have to deal with when living overseas.

How many steps does the spreadsheet contain?

Our Timeline Planning deliverables contain approximately 65 steps in total, so they are very comprehensive.

Will you show me how to use the spreadsheet?

Yes, we’ll send you an in-depth video explaining how to use the worksheets when delivering them.

I have another question.

Just let us know and we’ll be happy to answer it for you!

Wondering what to do next?

We’ll list all the steps you need to take in one place so you’ll never have to wonder what to do next again!