Why Work with Us

Here are a few of the many reasons why you should move abroad with Expat Empire

Our Competive Advantages

We are always working to improve our services and products. Here are a few areas we believe make us the best partners to our clients moving abroad:

We Understand Your Pain

We know the emotional, mental, and physical stresses involved in living far from home and outside your comfort zone. Our services were developed with these difficulties in mind and aim to be as useful as possible to all expats and nomads.

Global Experience

Rather than working with locals from the country you want to move to, it’s better to rely on experienced expats that have lived in multiple countries around the world and have faced the challenges you will encounter firsthand.

The Expat Empire Difference

While there are many reasons why we are the best partners for people looking to move abroad, here are a few important ways we stand out from our competition:

All Locations Covered

We have a global perspective and can help you no matter where in the world you’re moving from and to. We help anyone moving anywhere, but we specialize in Americans moving to Europe.

All Situations Welcome

We want to help individuals, not the companies sponsoring them. Whether you are a retiree searching for a peaceful place to settle, a digital nomad wanting to go international, or a family looking for a new adventure, we can support you in achieving your goals.

Your Guide from Start to Finish

Our services are focused on helping people from the very beginning stages of their move all the way through the point when they are settled in their dream destination. We can be your partner throughout the entire process of moving abroad.

Unique Solutions

Instead of offering bland, one-size-fits-all products and services to our clients, our products and services were built based on the feedback we heard from people just like you who wanted more guidance and support while moving abroad.

What We Help You Avoid

Wasting Time

You can save hundreds of hours on reading outdated blog articles, watching countless videos on YouTube, and asking questions to people who may not have the proper experience or credentials on social media by working with us!

Wasting Money

You can save thousands of dollars on additional moving costs when you decide to move back home or to another destination, scams, and incorrect tax filings at home and abroad by working with us!

Sleepless Nights

You can avoid dozens of sleepless nights wondering if you’re making the right choice to move abroad and anxiously worrying about what you need to do next by working with us!

How We Can Save You Time and Money

When you do it on your own...

When you work with Expat Empire...

Take your leap to life abroad

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