Expat Case Study: Surabi Rao

USA to Europe


Surabi has had a big passion for traveling and living abroad since she was young. However, she was having trouble finding the right way to approach her international job search as a recent graduate without much professional work history.


  • Figuring out where to start looking for information
  • Finding good jobs abroad
  • Navigating the complicated world of visas and immigration


  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • International Job Search
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What problems did you have before working with Expat Empire?

My university didn’t provide a lot of information or resources about working abroad. It was also really difficult navigating a lot of disorganized international job boards; they either weren’t up-to-date, were in another language, or didn’t provide clear instructions on what they were looking for in their applications. I also didn’t know how the legal process of being employed abroad worked. I didn’t know if there was a specific visa I’d have to apply for or if I would even be considered since I was a foreign applicant.

What did it feel like as you tried to solve those problems?

I just didn’t know where to even begin. I didn’t know anyone who had recruited abroad from the United States, so I felt really lost while navigating the application process. A lot of resources I did find were really expensive and wouldn’t address the needs I had. They felt impersonal and uninvested in my career.

What was different about working with Expat Empire?

Right off the bat, David displayed a level of compassion and empathy that showed he truly understood my situation. He spent a lot of time understanding what I was specifically looking for. David went out of his way to show me a plethora of resources, help me understand how to navigate the recruiting processes of different countries, and give me a very honest, comprehensive overview of his experiences working abroad. I felt really comfortable talking about the different worries I had that I was too scared to voice!

What does your life look like now that you have worked with Expat Empire?

David helped me develop a long-term career plan for working both in the United States and in Europe/Asia. I now understand how to make myself stand out as an applicant and who to reach out to when applying abroad. I’m really well-positioned to secure a job in my dream country. I’ve also gained a really invaluable mentor who shares my enthusiasm for working abroad!

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