How Comparing Countries Using Data Helps You Make the Right Choice When Moving Abroad

Make the right choice when moving abroad – are you thinking about moving abroad? Do you know which country and city you want to move to? How sure are you that you will make the right choice?

There are always a lot of inspirational thoughts that come with moving abroad, but plenty of doubts and questions as well. We want to be your guide to help you find the right path to becoming an expat for you.

Our Countries Tool can provide you with some rationale for the place you pick to move to next. Let’s start with the most important question for you to ask yourself.

How Comparing Countries Using Data Helps You Make the Right Choice When Moving Abroad by Expat Empire

Where Do You Want to Live? Answering Your Gateway Question

Every expat has asked themselves where they want to live next dozens of times for tons of different reasons over the years, but the answer always comes down to where they think they’ll best enjoy living. Everyone’s answer to this question is different and comes down to personal preference. You might be happiest living a simple life in the mountains of Oaxaca or an exciting life in the bustling, glitzy entertainment districts of Tokyo. You might see yourself taking a relaxing bike ride to work along the canals of Amsterdam or enjoying a mid-morning break in your busy day to go surfing on the Gold Coast of Australia. Even if all of those sound equally enticing, you still have to choose one to start with.

Expats around the world can recall their extensive thought process of how they decided to move to their country of choice. Whether it’s a better work-life balance, a more exciting place to learn a culture or a language, or the perfect place to retire, you’ve already done some of the decision work in your head. Still, there are always questions and doubts.

We at Expat Empire have had firsthand experience living in many places around the world and it has often come down to a choice between two, three, four, or even more places that fit our expectations. Throughout our time living abroad, each one of us has individually developed useful tactics for deciding on a country. We have compiled all of the information we’ve gathered into a useful interface on our Countries Tools page. You can even use a variety of filters to further narrow down the countries you can choose between for your next move abroad.

How Comparing Countries Using Data Helps You Make the Right Choice When Moving Abroad by Expat Empire

Understanding the Quality of Life You Can Expect While Living Abroad

Most of your decisions will revolve around your expected quality of life abroad. Nowhere in the world is going to provide you with everything you want – there are always trade-offs that you’ll have to deal with. You should focus on the must-have, nice-to-have, and dealbreaker requirements for your future home. Every country has unique problems that will be out of your control, so the question will be how well you’ll be able to adapt to this reality. Becoming aware of these potential impediments is absolutely crucial for you to make a decision on your next destination with confidence. 

On our Countries Tool page, we present a wide range of data points on a variety of top expat destinations around the world to help you to make an educated and data-driven decision as to where to set your sights for your next move. Some of the main topics we research include the following:

Reduced Taxation Opportunities

We will give an accurate depiction of the different levels of taxation you can expect to encounter in the countries you’re interested in. For example: Finland, Japan, and Denmark are known to have some of the highest income tax rates, while the Bahamas, Monaco, and United Arab Emirates are known for their nonexistent income tax rates. Furthermore, some countries provide foreigners with opportunities to pay reduced tax rates for several years, so these details may play a significant role in your final destination decision. For example, you can consider the Greece Golden Visa Program, which enables you to get citizenship by investing, pay lower tax rates, and receive pension income tax exemptions. Check out our Taxes Tool for more details on personal and corporate tax programs available in interesting countries around the world to determine where to base your business and your family.

Cost of Living

Not all economies are created equal and some countries are definitely more expensive than others regardless of the quality of life. You should explore your relative purchasing power in both covering basic expenses and living the lifestyle you want to enjoy.


Many countries around the world are plagued with problems that no one wants to encounter. The higher the crime rate, the lower the quality of life while abroad. We lay out the risk factors of each destination and how they compare to other countries and back home so you can get the best idea for your safety.

Ease of Using English

Even though it’s the lingua franca of many economies around the world, English speaking levels vary widely from country to country. We will help you to better understand the average English proficiency levels in each country so help you to take that aspect of life abroad into account when choosing a destination.

Weather and Climate

Weather is one of the biggest determinants of where expats want to move. Some people enjoy having a few months of cold weather while others want it to be warm and sunny year-round.  We will help you to compare the climates across the countries so you can make the choice that’s right for you.


Regardless of the healthcare system of your home country, the quality of healthcare in your destination country is just as important. Some countries have quick, world-class advanced medical treatments while others may keep you waiting in lines for subpar treatment. The Countries Tool gives you an overview of the quality of the healthcare system in each country so that you can have some peace of mind regarding this important topic when comparing your options.

How Comparing Countries Using Data Helps You Make the Right Choice When Moving Abroad by Expat Empire

How Can I Make the Right Choice When Moving Abroad? Use Facts and Data 

The best thing you can do for yourself during your move abroad is to consider all the available facts and make the most well-informed decision for you. The lifestyle you want to achieve in your destination country is only something that you can describe. You shouldn’t rely on watching Instagram posts or experiencing somewhere as a tourist for a few days to determine where you want to spend the next few years of your life. The pressure of committing to such an important decision can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure about which city or country is right for you.

Our Countries Tool will show you see most of the important aspects of living in your target countries. The consolidation of facts here is not meant to offer any sort of editorial opinion to dissuade you from one country and push you towards another. We only want to give you the tools to make the right choice for yourself.

Expat Empire is built on the prospect of helping potential expats move abroad and build the lifestyle they want around the world. Our wide range of services can help you with the big picture ideas or the most minute details relating to your move abroad. Before you know it, you’ll be living your dream!

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