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Our Mission

At Expat Empire, our mission is provide the most helpful services and information for people who want to move, live, and work overseas. We work towards accomplishing that mission through producing helpful content as well as offering our personalized consulting services to clients moving around the world.

We're Growing Our Global Partner Network

While our services take our clients many steps further in their journeys abroad, many of them want additional help on-the-ground in their destination countries that we are unable to deliver ourselves. In those cases, we work with reliable relocation service partners around the world to provide the support that our clients are looking for!

We’re always searching for new relocation service partners in top expat destinations around the world that go the extra mile for their clients. If that description matches you and your company, please let us know!

The Benefits of Partnering with Expat Empire

Here are the two most notable ways that your company will benefit from partnering with us:

Connect with New Clients

Get access to a brand new channel of people who have already been vetted for their interest in moving abroad to your destination

Win Together

You only have to pay commission fees after our referred clients purchase your services, so you can avoid the downside risks of paying for unverified leads

The Services Our Clients Need

Though certainly not an exhaustive list, here are some of the most common topics that our clients want help with before and after they arrive at their new destinations


Property Search

Tax Advice

Utility Setup

Bank Accounts

Pet Relocation

School Search


Want to partner with us?

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