Destination Comparison


Whether you’re deciding between a few destinations or are open to recommendations for your upcoming move, we can work together to discover which countries or cities would best fit your interests and requirements!

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Consulting Service Overview

This consulting service includes the following:

  1. We will first send you a questionnaire to better understand your must-have, nice-to-have, and deal-breaker requirements for your ideal future destination
  2. This service’s deliverable will be one Google Sheets workbook that compares the chosen countries or cities side-by-side across the following topic areas:
    • Countries: General information, overall scores, languages, economic performance, politics & progressiveness, climate change, lifestyle & quality of life, transportation & traffic, schools, finances & cost of living, taxes, work & entrepreneurship, immigration & citizenship, safety, pollution, and health & wellness
    • Cities: General information, overall scores, weather & climate, sustainability & environment, lifestyle & quality of life, utilities & infrastructure, transportation & traffic, walkability, finances & cost of living, work & entrepreneurship, schools, and health & safety
  3. We will deliver the service over a call of up to 30 minutes to provide context, discuss our findings, and answer any final questions about the deliverable

Benefits of Buying our Destination Comparison Service

  1. Avoid bad choices: Avoid choosing the wrong city or country by starting with a comprehensive, data-driven look at your options. Doing it right from the beginning will help you to save on another expensive move when you ultimately decide to move back home or to another place
  2. Get the full picture: Attractive photos on Instagram and fun videos on YouTube won’t give you a realistic view of what living in the place will actually be like. Get a thorough overview of each of your options to reduce the chances of surprise and disappointment after making your move
  3. Don’t get overwhelmed: There’s too much information on the Internet about all of the places people could live, making them feel overwhelmed. Rather than spending hundreds of hours sifting through outdated blog posts and videos, we’ll compile all the information you actually need to evaluate in one place.

Delivery Time: ~1 week per destination

Price per Destination: 1 for €199; 2 for €379 (5% off); 3 for €539 (10% off); 4 for €699 (12.5% off); 5 for €849 (15% off)

Selected Client Review: “The rows included in the document added up to good general insight into the countries in question. The information seemed to be as well-vetted as possible. Info on tax was especially helpful. Really appreciated the personal touch!” – Z.G., USA to Abroad


  • This service does not include any additional bespoke research outside of what’s already included in our comprehensive template. Once the deliverable has been completed, we’ll share it with you on a call of up to 30 minutes so that we can provide the necessary context on the information and answer any remaining questions you have
  • Please know that we are not immigration lawyers nor tax accountants, so the information we are providing in this service on those topics is very high level and may not be applicable to your situation. We strongly recommend working with the partners in our network if you want more detailed information and support
  • While most countries are included in the country-level data sources we use, often only the larger cities are included in the city-level data we use. Because some of our city-level data sources do not provide information on smaller cities and towns, it’s better to pick larger cities if you want to get the most out of a city comparison