International Job Search


Get everything you need to find a job abroad!

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Consulting Service Overview

This consulting service includes the following:

Job Search Strategies & Salary Report: 

  1. We will first send you a questionnaire to better understand your goals for your job search
  2. This service’s deliverable will be a presentation including the following information:
    1. Business culture overview and best practices for your applications and interviews
    2. International and local job boards to use for your search
    3. Some of the biggest and best employers in the country you can apply to
    4. Information on international and local recruiting companies to contact
    5. High-level salary analysis from up to 3 sources to see your expected income
  3. We will deliver the service over a call of up to 30 minutes to provide context, discuss our findings, and answer any final questions about the deliverable

Resume Review: One thorough review of your English resume to make sure it will stand out amongst the enormous stack of competing applications. We will also provide you with a resume template you can use

Cover Letter Review: One thorough review of your English cover letter so that it will catch the attention of foreign or remote hiring managers. We will also provide you with a cover letter template you can use

LinkedIn Profile Review: One thorough review of your LinkedIn profile page, which will be an essential part of your international job search

Benefits of Buying Our International Job Search Service

  • Search strategically: Rather than sitting around wondering how to even approach starting a job search in a foreign country, we’ll help you develop a tailored strategy to go after the right opportunities for your target country, industry, position, and salary
  • Avoid rejections: Tired of waiting for weeks for responses from employers only to get rejected? We’ll help you improve your job application documents so that you’ll hear back from more companies, get interviews, and break your rejection streak
  • Utilize our experiences: We have years of experience applying for jobs, taking interviews, and getting offers in many countries around the world, so you should take advantage of our years of hard-earned experience to set yourself up for success in your search

Delivery Time: ~4 weeks

Selected Client Review: “This was well-organized and thoroughly researched information. I am very pleased I decided to ask Expat Empire to provide the foundational information for my job search.” – Glenda Winters, USA to Australia


  • This service does not include any additional bespoke research outside of what’s already included in our comprehensive templates
  • While we will do our best to improve your chances of finding a job abroad, it will be your responsibility to get a job offer directly from an employer. Please know that we cannot give you a job, provide job placement, or otherwise guarantee success in your job search