Remote Work Roadmap


Get your personalized roadmap to finding remote jobs, becoming a freelancer, and starting your online business so you can create the international lifestyle of your dreams!

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Consulting Service Overview

This consulting service includes the following:

  1. We will first send you a questionnaire to better understand your work experience, educational background, skill sets, interests, and goals
  2. This service’s deliverable will be a complete Google Slides presentation that includes information on:
    • Recommended remote work opportunities that match your unique situation such as remote jobs, freelancing, or starting a business
    • Insights on the best platforms, tools, and services to use to start pursuing these remote work opportunities immediately
    • Suggested next steps for you to take to achieve your remote work goals
  3. We will deliver the service over a call of up to 30 minutes to provide context, discuss our findings, and answer any final questions about the deliverable

Benefits of Buying Our Remote Work Roadmap Service

  • Get started quickly: Instead of sitting around wondering how you can start working remotely or waiting for the perfect opportunity to fall in your lap, discover exactly what you need to do to begin making money online
  • Align with your passions: Trying to figure out how to take your career remote? We’ll work with you to find the opportunities that are the best match for your unique skills, interests, and passions
  • Benefit from Experience: Working remotely is in our DNA. Take advantage of our years of hard-earned experience to make rapid progress in the right direction

Delivery Time: ~3 weeks

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Selected Client Review: “Very informative and thorough!” – P.H., USA to Europe


  • This service does not include any additional bespoke research outside of what’s already included in our comprehensive template
  • While we will do our best to improve your chances of making income through remote work, please know that we cannot guarantee your success