Timeline Planning Service


We’ll compile the most important steps for you to take in your transition to life abroad in a single spreadsheet so you can mark them off as you complete them!

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Consulting Service Overview

This consulting service includes the following:

  1. We will first send you a questionnaire to better understand your moving plans
  2. This service’s deliverable will be one Google Sheets workbook containing spreadsheets listing the most important steps in your move so that you can easily keep track of everything and mark off each step as you go
    • The workbook includes both simplified and detailed views of your timeline so that you can dig as deep into the details as you’d like
    • Here are a few of the many topics we cover in the checklist:
      • Before moving: Canceling contracts in your home country, setting up your financial situation, mail forwarding to your new address, planning for where to live in your new destination, starting the visa application process, shipping your belongings, relocating pets, and more…
      • During the move: Booking taxi services from the airport to initial accommodations, getting around on public transportation, purchasing prepaid phone plans, withdrawing money from ATMs, and more…
      • After arriving: Finding long-term apartments, signing mobile phone and Internet contracts, registering with utility companies, filing taxes, opening bank accounts, transferring and exchanging money, building a personal network, and more…
  3. We will deliver the workbook along with an in-depth video explaining how to use it by email. You can also ask any remaining questions about the deliverable by email

Benefits of Buying Our Timeline Planning Service

  • Get clarity: Have a single place to look to see everything that you need to do before and after the move so that you can stay on track
  • Avoid anxiety: Avoid getting that sinking feeling that you forgot to do something important before and after your move
  • Reduce frustrations: Avoid extra unnecessary fees, inconveniences, and frustrations that will make your move abroad more stressful than it needs to be

Delivery Time: ~3 weeks

Selected Client Review: “I thought Expat Empire did an excellent job of letting us know what and when we need to get certain tasks completed. They had several items on the spreadsheet that we did not originally think of. ” – E.Z, USA to Austria


  • This service does not include any additional bespoke research outside of what’s already included in our comprehensive template. We personalize this service by only including the tasks that are necessary for you based on your citizenship(s), the country you’re moving to, whether you have school-aged children or pets, etc. Please know that not all tasks in the spreadsheet are adjusted with destination-specific information
  • This service is not delivered through a call like some of our other services. Instead, once the deliverable has been completed, we’ll share it with you along with a video explaining how the spreadsheet works via email. You can then email us any remaining questions you have and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can