Referral Program

Refer someone to Expat Empire and they’ll get 5% off their first purchase AND you’ll receive 5% in your pocket!

The Ultimate Win-Win Opportunity

Happen to know a friend, family member, or colleague thinking about moving abroad?

If you send them to Expat Empire, they will get 5% off their first purchase and then another 5% will be sent to you after they complete their purchase!

Share the great news about this awesome offer with your network today!

How the Program Works

Here’s how you can participate in our referral program:

Tell Your Network About Us

If you know anyone starting to think about moving abroad or approaching their moving date, tell them about Expat Empire and our referral program!

Contact Us

Tell the people you're referring to fill out the "Referred By" field in our consulting contact form with your name and email address.

5% Off Their First Purchase

After we have verified the information in their request form, we'll reduce the invoice for their first service purchase by 5%.

5% in Your Pocket

After the people you refer complete payment for their services, we'll transfer 5% of the total order value to you.

Program Details

Here are the finer details of the terms of Expat Empire’s referral program:


In the below documentation, this program is called “referral program,” the individuals who refer people to Expat Empire are called “referrers,” and the individuals who are being referred to Expat Empire by other people are called “referees.”

How Referrals are Tracked

There is a field on our consulting contact forms named “Referred By” where the referees can input the full name and/or email address of the referrer. This field must be filled out accurately, adequately, and with enough clarity so that Expat Empire can connect this information to individuals in Expat Empire’s existing client databases.


The Referred By field must be filled in with the referrer’s information at the time of the first consulting contact form submission by the referee in order for the referral to be attributed to both the referrer and referee.


The referral is valid for the first purchase made within 90 days from the date of the initial consulting contact form submission.

Payout Amount

The payout for the referrer and the discount for the referee is calculated using the total invoice amount. This total invoice amount is calculated as the sum of the price of the services ordered, less all discounts applied to the invoice, and before taxes are applied.


This referral bonus is only applicable to the referee’s first purchase of consulting services or content offered by Expat Empire. The referral bonus does not apply to any other transactions including, but not limited to, affiliate fees, additional consulting services, and relocation services offered by Expat Empire or its partners.


Furthermore, the referrer will not receive any payments related to individuals who are referred to Expat Empire by the referee.

Payout Process

The payout related to the referral bonus to the referrer will happen only after the order has been paid for in full by the referee.


After the referee’s payment has been completed, Expat Empire will contact the referrer by email within five business days to get the bank account information in order to transfer the referral bonus amount. The referrer is responsible for covering any transfer or foreign exchange fees related to the transaction.

Additional Questions

If you have questions on any aspects of our referral program or want to get a signed copy of our referral agreement, please contact us.

Benefit from helping others

Start making money by recommending Expat Empire to your friends, family, and colleagues!