We’ve helped dozens of retirees, employees, and digital nomads move to their dream destinations across the world while receiving fantastic feedback in the process. Here are a few of our favorite reviews!


USA to Portugal

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me! You really helped solidify the next steps we need to take to hopefully get our employers on board with this move.

Chad Lewis

USA to Europe

I’ve been consistently impressed with the Expat Empire’s team follow-through and deliverables. David in particular is responsive, insightful, and always prepared for each session, making it clear that he’s customized the materials specifically for me and my wife.

Natasha Mina

Colombia to Germany

David goes above and beyond. He wants to understand what the core problem is and offer a solution.

Christina Cassady

USA to Denmark

David was excellent to work with. Lots of excellent hands-on experience I could learn from. It was great to get feedback, insights and be inspired to continue on my journey of relocating.


Netherlands to Portugal

Really good to have this service, thank you very much, David! Detailed information and helpful referrals were given to help me achieve my expat goals.

Jay Tibbitts

USA to France

David definitely did his homework on our planned destination and came prepared with a focused discussion.

Charley Arrigo Expat Empire Testimonial

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