Use Expat Tools to Research Countries, Visas, Taxes, and Remote Work

Hi everyone, we’re back with a BIG exciting announcement!

After we stopped offering a few of our core consulting services last March, we realized we still had a lot of valuable data sitting around that we had been using to produce those services. We initially offered paid access to our Visa Options and Tax Reduction Opportunities worksheets, but keeping this essential information hidden behind a paywall didn’t feel right to us. In addition, we had even more data from our Destination Comparison and Remote Work Roadmap services that were starting to gather dust in our databases.

Therefore, we decided to make all of this information available for FREE to everyone interested in going abroad through our new Expat Tools pages!

Expat Empire's Expat Tools for researching countries, visas, tax programs, and remote work opportunities
Expat Empire’s Expat Tools Homepage

Expat Tools will help you to:

You can find a video that walks you through how you can use these tools here.

Play around with these new tools and let us know if you have any feedback or requests for additional features!

If you take the information you can now access for free through these Expat Tools and add it to all of our consulting services and content, Expat Empire offers everything you need to go abroad. Wherever you’re headed, we’re ready to help!

Thanks as always for your support and stay tuned for more updates in the near future!

As the founder of Expat Empire, David McNeill is focused on inspiring people to move abroad and showing them how to do it. David started Expat Empire because he has a genuine passion for living abroad. He left the United States in 2014 and has since lived in Tokyo, Berlin, and Porto.